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                Copyright: Jiangsu Kaming Mould Co.,Ltd.                                                                                                                                             蘇ICP備13006180號-1    Power: www.300.cn

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                General Manager: Mr. xue
                 Phone: 13705258533
                Chairman: Mr. zhu
                Phone: 13601442288


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                • 卡明模具
                • 卡明模具

                        On the North Bank of the Yangtze River, adjacent to Yangzhou, a famous historical and cultural city, the Bridge Industrial Park of Jiangdu Economic
                Development  Zone, there is an enterprise which is in the forefront of the domestic automobile mold industry - - Jiangsu Kaming Mould Co., Ltd.
                        Kaming company, its predecessor is Jiangdu Cumming machinery mould Co., Ltd. Founded in two 000 May. In 2007, he entered the Jiangsu high tech new
                business center, Jiangdu Industrial Park, along the Yangtze River Development Zone. 2009, the company's total output value exceeded 280 million yuan, ranking
                the fifty strong mold enterprises in China. It has become a large and dynamic mold enterprise in Yangzhou and even Jiangsu automobile die industry.
                        Kaming is an economic entity specializing in the R&D, design, production and manufacture of mechanical molds such as automobiles. The company covers
                an area of 80,000 square meters, construction area of 25,000 square meters, annual production capacity of 300-400 sets of large and medium-sized automobile
                molds. The company has more than 100 sets of various kinds of mechanical processing, heat treatment, surface treatment, design and testing ……

                About Kaming

                Area Covered
                80000 ㎡

                300-400 Set

                200 More Than

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                Jiangsu Kaming Mould Co.,Ltd.

                High quality products and good service.

                Service Hotline

                Strong technical force and
                complete production facilities

                Product range is complete, quality guaranteed

                 The company has strong technical force and has
                introduced over 20 senior managerial and technical
                personnel in China. There are more than 30 die
                designers, more than 10 CAM personnel and 40……

                Quality control, the company attaches importance to
                internal quality management, has passed the ISO
                9001:2000 international certification system, in 2009
                Cumming through Jiangsu Province,

                Mold companies rank among the Chinese automotive mold industry
                The Kaming Group is a star enterprise in the industrial concentrated area of Jiangdu Bridge.
                2018-10-19 14:41
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